About Us

At Kaffee Bitte, we strive to create a better coffee experience! From coffee grown on sustainable farms to our biodegradable drinking straws derived from sugarcane, Kaffee Bitte delivers great tasting coffee while helping contribute to a cleaner environment!

Our Story

Kaffee Bitte started with the goal of creating a better coffee experience! A month before the Covid outbreak, Patrick was a junior at Indiana University with a passion for coffee and his mother, Jenny, was eager to start something new in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

While Covid put the business on hold for several months, we got right back to it in the fall of 2020. When 2021 came around, we really pushed ourselves to grow getting our coffee into markets and grocery stores one by one.

Our Growth

In the fall of 2021, we added biodegradable sugarcane straws to our product list with an initial idea of supplying coffee shops with an eco-friendly way of enjoying an iced coffee. After seeing so many plastic straws, we thought there had to be a more sustainable option!

At the start of 2022, we began working with local coffee roaster, Coffee Break, who helps us roast the coffees we sell today, including our popular high energy blend, Crank!

We are proud to have our products sold in over 40 grocery stores and markets across Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, and Northern Kentucky! As of recently we have been supplying restaurants, bars, hotels, and coffee shops with our biodegradable sugarcane straws! 

Our Coffee

At Kaffee Bitte, we believe coffee is better when it's roasted in small batches. Whether you prefer a citrusy light roast to jumpstart your morning or a highly caffeinated blend to get you through the day, we can ensure you that quality and freshness is a top priority. 

Our Sugarcane Straws

Derived from sugarcane pulp fibers, Kaffee Bitte Straws are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Unlike the paper alternative, these are durable and never get soggy! Next time you enjoy your favorite iced drink, use a Kaffee Bitte Straw to help reduce plastic pollution!