About Us

At Kaffee Bitte, we strive to create a better coffee experience! From coffee grown on sustainable farms to our biodegradable drinking straws derived from sugarcane, Kaffee Bitte delivers great tasting coffee while helping contribute to a cleaner environment!


Our Coffee
At Kaffee Bitte, we believe coffee is better when it's roasted in small batches. 
Whether you prefer a citrusy light roast to jumpstart your morning or a highly caffeinated blend to get you through the day, we can ensure you that quality and freshness is a top priority. 
Our Sugarcane Straws
Derived from sugarcane pulp fibers, Kaffee Bitte Straws are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Unlike the paper alternative, these are durable and never get soggy!
Next time you enjoy your favorite iced drink, use a Kaffee Bitte Straw to help reduce plastic pollution!